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Yard displays for all occasions

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Just think of how surprised that special someone will be to wake up to a yard full of pink flamingos cavorting on their lawn, or any one of our many other yard displays.

Your special surprise is guaranteed to be delivered between midnight and six o'clock in the morning and picked up that same evening between 5:30 and 8:30 p.m.!

Each yard display includes a 4 x 3 foot sign which can be personalized to exploit the victim's name and age or whatever occasion you're celebrating.

Call your Flamingo Surprise party consultant and we can make your dastardly deed a reality!

Best of all you can remain completely anonymous!

Phone Number Toll Free Phone Number Fax Number Street Address City, State Zip Code
Chicagoland Area, IL USA 630-350-1280 800-478-7774 630-350-8117 227 James Street #10 Bensenville, Illinois 60106
Cleveland, OH USA 216-676-6444 800-378-7774 216-267-2677 6629 Engle Road #104 Middleburg Heights, Ohio 44130
Columbus, OH USA 614-539-5426
Atlanta, GA USA 770-466-3034
San Francisco Bay Area, CA USA 510-769-7654 510-769-7654

Oklahoma City, OK USA
405-799-4767 405-799-4767


This is what you get with your order

Display Sign- Approximately 4 x 3 feet. This sign has 3 rows for letters. Each row holds 12 characters, including spaces for your special message. We have many special messages for each lawn display item or make up one of your own!

Lawn Display Item-To be set up and spread across your front lawn. These displays are made from plastic or wood. We have many to choose from including the following....

Click on any item for more information and pictures

Not all product available in ALL Locations. Call location for exact product line.

50 Pink Flamingos

The following displays are also available at an additional cost

50 Red Flamingos 50 White Flamingos
50 Blue Flamingos 50 Green Flamingos
50 Yellow Flamingos Rainbow/Multi-Colored Flamingo Display
50 Tropical Birds 50 Tropical Fish
Tropical Display 30 Cows
30 Pigs 30 Sheep
Barnyard Display Deluxe Barnyard Display
30 Penguins 30 Teddy Bears
30 Pre-historic T-Rex Dinosaurs
30 Tombstones 30 Golfballs
30 Soccerballs 30 Footballs
30 Baseballs 30 Basketballs
Sportsfan Display 30 Chickens
30 Happy Faces 30 Mutant Frogs
30 Bunny Rabbits 30 Hearts
30 Pink Baby Bottles 30 Blue Baby Bottles
40 American Flags 30 Shamrocks
30 Musical Notes 30 Owls
Anniversary/Kissing Animal Couple Display Yardbird Display
30 Grey Elephants 30 Pink Elephants
Elephant Lovers Display Hogs & Kisses Display
Democratic Display Republican Display
30 Donkeys Noah's Ark Display
30 Geese 30 Ducks
30 Turkeys 30 Cats
Fisherman's Display 30 Polar Bears

Big Stork

The following items are not available in Chicagoland, but will be coming soon! These items may already be available at our other locations.

30 Bowling Pins

30 Snowmen

Other items and keepsakes that can be purchased and delivered with every order!

Happy Birthday Camera- 24 exposure with flash disposable camera 35mm film price $9.95

Canned Flamingo-This is a special keepsake stuffed flamingo plush toy that's packaged in a sealed air-tight can to ensure freshness (if you're silly enough to want to eat it). It opens by pulling the ring on top and peeling back the lid the same way one would open a can of peanut, potato chips, or sardines. Once opened, he's ready to be your friend for life, and doesn't require food, water, air, and won't poop at any time. The only thing this little bird need is love! (are you gaging yet?)

T-shirts-Your victim can let the whole world know their lawn was invaded. This is a white shirt with the words "I've been Flamingo Surprised" imprinted on the back. One size fits all.

New items added frequently!

What special occasions can we be used for?
Birthdays Anniversaries Marriage Proposals
Engagements Weddings I Love You's
Apologies Pregnancy Announcements Birth Announcements
Retirement Get Well Soon Valentines Day
Mothers Day Fathers Day Independence Day/July 4th
Labor Day Memorial Day Easter
Thanksgiving Family Reunions Divorces
Welcome Home New Home Baby Showers
Bridal Showers Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Or Any Occasion You Can Think Of!

Other Services We Provide

1. Most of our individual display items can be purchased and left behind as a keepsake item.

2. Combination orders are available (i.e. pigs and flamingos, cows and sheep, etc.). You can also order additional animals (i.e. 50 penguins (instead of 30) or 100 flamingos)

3. Extra signs can be rented if needed if you wanted to leave two messages instead of one. Two signs can be put together if you have an extra long message if it can't fit on a single sign.

4. A display can be rented for more than one day.

5. We deliver to townhomes and condominiums.

6. Special delivery times can be arranged if our regular delivery time is not convenient (i.e. surprise parties, welcome home, etc.)

7. Although we take most of our orders over the phone, you can come over and see our Zoo and place your order in person, if you like.

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